Welcome to The Inclusion Campaign

Welcome to the Inclusion Campaign. We are a collaborative of New Jersey students, parents and non-profit organizations working to ensure that students with disabilities have their place in the general education classroom throughout New Jersey. We believe that all students are entitled to an equitable share of educational resources and can achieve to their highest potential. We support educational policies and practices to attain that goal.

In recent years, advocacy groups, professionals and parents have embraced inclusive education for students with disabilities as an educational “best practice.” The goal of our campaign is to continue this momentum and to ensure that all children can succeed, regardless of their differences in ability, race, culture, gender, sexual orientation, native language, class and ethnicity.

Please support our campaign, read our educational materials and view personal stories from children and parents across New Jersey. Together, we can make sure every child in New Jersey reaps the lifetime benefits of inclusive classrooms and instruction.

Learn About The Benefits of Inclusion